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Happy GrimmArt-Sunday and other not so good news

So, first the bad news from grimmbang:
Reverse MiniBang is dead - or pretty dead. No one participated beside three people and that's definetely not enough to do such a challenge. So, now it's up to you. What do you want? I put up a poll and I am open for suggestions as the community is mainly about Bangs but also open to other challenges - as long as those challenges don't collide with the well known grimm_challenge. Here we go to the poll.

For German(speaking) Grimmsters there was a little report online last week which I linked to my journal. And I think I don't have to mention the first webisode, right?

This week I don't give you teasers of the GrimmArt I made because ... well, I wasn't busy making sets, banners, WPs or icons but ... bookmarks. And I think those are a little bit too large to show here. So, the Grimm-bookmark-set along with some others go this way. There you also can find yesterday's picspam of 2.05 The Good Shepherd. The complete album you can find at the Team Giuntoli-Gallery.
Tags: cast: david giuntoli, episode: 2x05 - the good shepherd, fanwork: fanart, type: misc, type: news
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